I often see articles, discussions and arguments on the internet that protect the right of modern feminists to explicitly name men in statistically significant subjects as the perpetrators of violence and abuse against women.

There is no doubt that such abuse is wrong and society as a whole should take reasonable steps to try to reduce it.

However, the subliminal narrative that is built by the online activists paints a very different picture that is damaging to both men and boys.

Often you’ll see an argument online that says something along the lines of “men rape, teach men not to rape” and then a male will respond with something along the lines of “but not all men are rapists”.

The argument then proceeds to blame even this person for trying to minimise or diminish the plight of the victim by derailing the conversation, somehow defending the rapists.

The feminists claim that they never said that “all men” are rapists, but the fact that statistically, men commit more rapes than women justifies naming men as the primary perpetrators of rape. They further argue that this is not sexist.

What’s really happening, which no one so far seems to have pointed out, is that men are reacting to the perceived subliminal narrative which, quite simply put, is this: “all men are violent rapists”.

The damage this causes to society, especially to men and boys is beyond the scope of this article. I’ve been personally affected by this line of reasoning. It’s something every man should stand up and fight against.

But we as men must have each other’s backs and support each other.

It’s NOT OK to spread this narrative. This IS what the 3rd wave feminists are doing, without directly saying it, they’re spreading the idea that all men are perpetrators of sexual violence and that women almost exclusively are the victims.

This is why men react with “not all men”, and they are justified in doing so. Although the feminists aren’t directly saying “all men”, subconsciously (hence the ‘subliminal’ part) this is, in fact, the message (hence the ‘narrative’) that is being spread throughout society, and it’s quite frankly poison.

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