I spent about a decade researching and practicing SEO. I started young. I ran an agency and had dozens of competitive-niche clients. I ran a successful agency, but got out of the business. I wasn’t being paid enough for the quality of work I was capable of. I am probably one of the worlds best experts at this point. I don’t like the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation”. What people really mean when they say “SEO” is “SAM” – which is a term that I coined.

Search Algorithm Manipulation (SAM)

There is no such thing as SEO – rather, SEO is really just good programming, PR and marketing. For most businesses that need to rank (and want to spend less on Adwords) SEO is irrelevant – they’re in need of SAM.

I’m a computer science expert. I’m a developer. I’ve studied complex mathematics and algorithms and I understand search algorithms and AI. Which is why I’m capable of manipulating them. Through my own strategies, software, code and scripts.

This kind of skill set was worth more than $100 per hour. This kind of skill set should be reserved for big companies or high-paying clients – not medium to small businesses that are looking to save a buck.

So that’s why I shut down my agency – there are more reasons than this, and I cover these reasons in another post on this site.

But this doesn’t change the fact that I’m one of the most capable search algorytm manipulators on this planet.

If you are in need of advice, consulting or are otherwise serious about investing in my time and expertise, get in touch via contact form.