You can ask me for advice on just about anything, but I prefer to focus on businesses that benefit from online traffic – think SEO strategy and online marketing. I can also help with a tech startup’s software and IT structure/strategy, growth strategy and install security and IT systems for medium to small business.

I will list my achievements, credentials and qualifications here soon.

Long story short, I’ve succeeded in nearly every single business I’ve ever started. At the age of 18, I started a business that was able to earn me up to $6000 in a matter of hours every single week. I’ve since used my skills to help other businesses get clients and grow.

Friends with, advised, ran or owned many multi-million dollar businesses:, Blowout Parties, Melbourne Web Co, Mergilent,, Barbabes,, Devine Homes, Ticket Printing, iGem Science @ Melbourne Uni, Knitted Knockers Australia, Burwood Neighborhood House,, Gotham-City, and more recently Gramstr – more to come (as I remember them)

Education: Studied Science, Business Information Systems and Computer Science at Monash University, University of Sydney and RMIT.

Skills: Possess 10+ years of experience in Online Business, IT Security, Tech and Mobile Startups, Apps, SEO / Digital Marketing, Marketing, Web Design and Development. Media Production, Social Media and Social Influencers.

Interests: Critical thinking, science, logic, writing, medicine, mathematics, art, music, philosophy, beautiful women.

Personal Services:

Consulting, Coaching & Advice: $300-$500 per hour.

Public Speaking: Free*

Escorting: $500-$1500 per hour.

The best way to get in touch with me is to submit an enquiry form on this website.