A Pillow Princess – Short Story

For the purposes of this story, we’ll call her ‘Hannah’. She was part Spanish, part Chilean, part Irish, part German, part Phillipino. 23. Young, beautiful.

This is a real woman, and more of this story is true than I care to admit. If anything, dramatising it was one way I chose to protect my reputation. Plausible deniability. I can choose which bits really happened, and which bits didn’t happen, and which bits happened but didn’t happen.

I’m going to show you the last love letter I ever sent her. This is 100% real, but her real name and a few things have been redacted to protect her identity.

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I ‘mansplain’ why I’m a feminist (sort-of) and why Feminism needs to change

Reading this blog you’d assume that I was anti-feminism, and feminists might call me a misogynist – and this is part of the core issue of modern feminism – because I’m not. In fact, technically I am a feminist, too.

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It’s not just the right of the person who speaks to be heard, it is the right of everyone in the audience to listen.

– Christopher Hitchens

America has changed completely. The patriarchy is gone. Women are winning. Men are failing. Men in America are now far more likely to die of a drug overdose, drop out of the workforce because of an addiction, commit a felony and go to prison. They fail in school much more often than women do. They kill themselves at many times the rate. Overall, they die years younger. Those numbers are not speculative. They are hard data gathered over decades by nonpartisan researchers. You’d have to ignore a huge amount of settled science in order to repeat the pieties of 1970s-era feminism, and yet this is exactly what our leaders continue to do.

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Another reason you should be sceptical of everything

Recently I went to a comedy show as a part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

I think the comedian was Daniel Sloss.

Part of his act details a “Sociopath Test” his family once read about in a newspaper; I’ve found and pasted it below:

This is a genuine psychological test. It is a story about a girl. While at the funeral of her own mother, she met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be, that she fell in love with him then and there. But after the funeral, he disappeared, and try as she might, she could not find him. A few days later, the girl killed her own sister. What is her motive in killing her sister?

If you are able to tell the answer almost immediately, you are a sociopath.

The answer is that she killed her sister in the hopes of seeing the guy again at her sister’s funeral.

So let’s assume the test was somehow valid (and it isn’t) – most people would need some kind of reassurance that it isn’t real, accurate or effective.

But I believe that that’s not enough. People can be fooled easily enough simply by any figure of authority that simply insists that this test is true and accurate.

The first thing you should do is analyse the reason you didn’t get the “correct” answer straight away. My reasoning was that I was still trying to analyse who this man was and why he was at the funeral. For example – maybe he was an imposter, maybe he didn’t know the family at all? The answer assumes that he must be a family friend, or someone otherwise close enough that he would have genuinely been invited to the mother’s funeral and one would reasonably expect that he would also be invited to the sister’s funeral.

But these are assumptions that my brain did not make. Because I am precise.

And this anecdote alone should show that such a test cannot be reliable, for you have to make a possibly incorrect assumption in order to determine what is apparently the “right” answer.

For this reason, any rational and logical person who hears this from a friend, or reads this in a magazine should instantly be able to deduct, without the opinion of a professional or expert, that this test is inaccurate and untrue, and not representative of anything other than gullibility.

There’s so much goodness in this, I don’t know where to start…

SEO Series Part 1: The “Black Hat” Vs. “White Hat” SEO Myth

This is an extract of an email I once wrote to a client explaining why their request for “White Hat” SEO wasn’t going to work for them.

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The two biggest signs you should stay with him/her FOREVER

I always like to use these two little “tests” in my head to decide whether someone is marriage material or not – not that I’ve met many people who could tick these boxes. I usually tell my friends this “little trick” when we’re discussing the opposite sex. It generally pisses them off when they realise their girlfriend (who I don’t like) doesn’t make the cut.

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a girl i fell in love with for a bit

Two key factors in finding your dream girlfriend/boyfriend

I was writing the “ask me out” page on this website, and it ended up being quite a bit longer than I had intended.

There’s a simple formula to figure out how to find the man/woman of your dreams – read about it here.

Cultural Context is a logical fallacy designed to silence and control men

There is no such thing. Or rather, there is – however it can’t be used as an excuse to justify a discriminatory act; or in fact, justify sexism itself.

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